YouTube vs TikTok | The whole controversy

  YouTube vs. TikTok | The whole controversy


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YouTube and TikTok are both different platform and have nothing to do with each other,,
but "Once Upon a time there is a YouTuber who post something about TikToker regarding their videos, then, From the Garden of Eden a TikToker came out and said some stuffs to You Tuber, and then, again from the beginning of time a YouTuber pop out and do the roasting thing with that TikToker,,then???

...................................then what?,Public or Peoples find it funny and started to tweet about it and with in time of days convert this small thing into a Versus mode competition".

Before Getting through these points, first lets talk about What Is YouTube? and What is Tik Tok?

So, lets get started with You Tube:-


  • Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim(former employees of PayPal)were the founders of YouTube. Later YouTube is own by Google and now it's worked as one of the Google Subsidiaries.

  • YouTube is a video sharing social networking platform, where you can create and post videos to YouTube for views and fan following etc..

  • You can rate, view, comment, like, dislike, forward, report, and subscribe(the creator or user channel) also can add to playlist (any video you like or dislike) on the basis of your preference.

  • There are various channels or YouTube originals which gives you music, movie, games , and also restriction mode for children and as well as for mature kind of Videos.

  • You Tube offers copyright laws to avoid copied content on any channel (but you know trickers are trickers),also it gives creative commons option, so, you can reuse videos on YouTube. 

  • Note:- Creative commons option is can only use on YouTube.

  • You can Upload or create video Up to 12 Hours of length, the videos you see more than of 12 Hours of watch they might be outdated or get uploaded before the Video length policy of YouTube.

  • YouTube offers Audio library to use Audio clips on your videos in editing or in creating(it's totally up to you).

  • And Of Course you get Monetize for your videos after you completed or agree the terms and condition of You Tube as well as the required elements to get in the YPP (YouTube Partner Program).

  • In YouTube views are important so,the more the views the more you get monetize.

Enough with the YouTube,Now, Let's got to TikTok:-


  • Byte Dance(Chinese tech company) is the owner of TikTok.
  • TikTok is a video sharing,social networking platform.
  • TikTok is the first app which is based on AI Features.
  • TikTok contains clips of Music,Movies,the dialogue of  movies,shows,short films etc..You can use those clips to create your video.
  • In TikTok you can like, follow, share, reply, also download the content on your choice or preference(that means you're the boss).
  • TikTok gives you the 1-minute timeline for your videos.
  •  TikTok AI gives you the content regardless of your Facebook,Instagram,Snap chat,Twitter,Google or any other platform of search,  it gives you the content which you wanna see from your choice, you just have to swipe up the screen for next content to show up.
  • Musically and TikTok merge to one App know as TikTok, so, Basically it means Clark Kent is Superman.
  • TikTok Videos also help in monetization from the likes of your videos, In short more likes more moneyyyyyyy... as well as followers to, and then,comments to.

The Matter of YouTube vs. TikTok : The End

A YouTube Roaster Carry Minati posted a video YouTube vs. TikTok | The End, on YouTube a 
week ago, containing some strong languages as a response to Amir Siddiqui  who on a Instagram video said many stuffs to YouTuber and also give some intimidation to CarryMinati, then after some time

CarryMinati uploaded that video,after that all thing got Heated up.....

Starting From the beginning, You Tuber Elvish Yadav posted a video on April 18,2020. In this video Elvish roasted some Tik Tokers (in entertaining or in way too far way that's your choice)"For some time after things got heated up that video was removed from the channel but in the past few days that video got renewed,so, you can see the video down here."

But after that video some TikTokers Like Revolver Rani and Amir Siddiqui replied to that video, whereas Amir Siddiqui reply was with some intimidation to YouTube Community, and specifically to CarryMinati without any reason,Cause You Tuber CarryMinati didn't take any part in the Elvish Yadav Video,but, still Amir Siddiqui mentioned his name and said some words like "Some People are saying,let CarryMinati roast Amir Siddiqui,then, I would be happy to get roasted by CarryMinati" as shown in the video you can see the whole video down below.

After this Reply from Amir Siddiqui to YouTuber, many reaction were posted from may YouTubers and within days the CarryMinati video was also posted..

CarryMinati video got millions of like in just few hours and as well as the number of subscriber were also increasing in hours, within a day or two that video started to make some new records..

In this Video CarryMinati roasted Amir Siddiqui on many levels, which was enjoyed by the peoples or audience, CarryMinati said some things in that video like getting call from TikTokers to threaten me, on the video he replied in the roasting way.

YouTuber Bhuvan Bam, Harsh Beniwal, Ashish Chanchlani support CarryMinati video, was first tell by CarryMinati Instagram post where all these Creators were on a video call and supporting Ajey Nagar aka CarryMinati.

After that there were Creators like Hindustani Bhau, Amit Bhadana, also shows their support to CarryMinati with many other Creators like Triggered Insaan, Elvish Yadav and so more.

Hindustani Bhau also replied with posting a video showing  uninstall of  TikTok from his phone,and also promoting to do so, these kind of video were also increase their strength and now it's become ban TikTok motto for many peoples and Creators.

Within 5-7 days the CarryMinati video was removed by the YouTube and the reason for it was still not published CarryMinati,Whereas the Whole YouTube Community is in the support of CarryMinati.

So,that's why we can't give you the link of original video but you can watch that video on any reaction channel of YouTube.

During this time there was a Call Recording leak of Amir Siddiqui is said by many Creators,On the Call Recording Amir Voice is Cursing CarryMinati and there is much more about it, like that
I was silent because of Ramzan Festival,but after that I will Dealt with him those are the words of Amir Siddiqui in Call Recording voice.. Now, many are saying it's fake and many don't.

 For this Call Recording many creators post their reply on various platforms to show their anger for Amir Siddiqui.

Well after all this stuff there is a video posted by CarryMinati about "Stop making Assumption| YouTube vs. TikTok : The End" video show down here..

So Guy's this is all for now..

Thank you Very Much for your Time...

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