Traffic racer mod apk

Hey buddy! Do you want the  traffic racer mod apk ?, the racing game with tons of traffic ! am i right? 
don't be in hurry to scroll down and get the download link, wait my dear, lets know some cool facts  about this game. You will definitely able to download from here you need not to scroll a lot many websites! just relax..

Traffic racer mod apk

Traffic racer mod apk

What is traffic racer ?

Traffic racer is basically  a racing game, you can not race online or multiplayer but still it is too much fun to drive among traffic with  some awesome cars, with super duper speed this game was developed by SK Games.

This game traffic racer have some very nice cars which you will love to drive, i'll definitely put some  pictures of its top cars here, you can have a watch to those. The good thing you will able to drive them all without wasting any money or time, just wait dude! .

One good advice for you scroll down and hit download button but but but don't go any where, let it download till we finished our conversation! why not.

so i was telling you about the its cars, yah except its awesome cars this game also have a lot many stages/modes to play such as one way mod, two way mod , police chase mode, time limit mode and free roam mode. So lets discuss about each of them in a more detailed manner so that everyone one can understand...

1) Two way mode 

In this "Two Way Mode", you will get only one lane to drive your car not like real highways, the other lane would be free from the vehicles coming from your opposite side. So stay alert don't panic to overtake them, drive your car very carefully!

Traffic racer mod apk

2) One way mode

Opposite to its name, you get both lanes means you can drive on whole mod , nobody will come from your front side. Here you can easily overtake other vehicles you need not to worry about anything else. You can easily overtake other vehicles you need not to worry about anything else.

3) Police chase mode

"What! Police chase, you mean i need to escape from police!" dude_ dude just relax! You are going to be a police person here!. Yes, you will damage the other criminals car by hitting them from back or side or from anywhere you want :) , but you need to purchase a police car first! . What's like being a police man without police car dude!.  

4) Free Roam Mode

This is the most exiting mode of this game, if you wants to check full speed of your car this would be the perfect mode mode to test that. If you are worrying why am i saying this, this is because here you can customize the traffic of the  road according to yourself! Yes, in this mode you get  a bar in starting to control traffic you can customize your traffic from 0% to 100% according to you. WOW!

5) Time limit 

If you very punctual person then this mode can be yours favorite, seriously dude! , it can be also a adventures journey for you!, Now you may be thinking "Dude , is this a game or i'm going to download a adventures sports!"  :) :) . Jokes apart, this mode contains a time limit and thats all..

Apart from these modes this game also consists various stages and terrens to drive on. Like Suburb, Desert, Autumn, Snowy , Rainy forest and city night.

Imagine..! You are on your police car catching a criminal in city at night or racing in ! what a wonderful experience....!

One more interesting fact about this game ,, this game consists of 30 vehicles which will give you a wonderful experience!

Traffic racer mod apk

Ummm... i've told you about the stages, modes and vehicles of this game, but you might wonder that "will i get these features the original app" the answer is no, absolutely not you will not be able to experience them all, and if you can then it will consume a lot of time or your real money to purchase the virtual money of the game. 

But but can  experience them all with our mod version of the app, you not need to get tensed! , lets see what more you can get in this Traffic racer mod apk.

Features of traffic racer mod apk- 

We all know this is not so big game like asphalt 8 or 9,  So there is not a lot much things to mod, there are some few things only, and you know what i have modded them all! 

1) Unlimited money- 

Yes, In this Traffic racer mod apk you will get infinite money to spend, you can spend on customizing cars or any other thing as per your choice.

2) Access to all cars 

In this traffic racer mod apk you will get access to all cars, you are free to drive any of these.

3) All modes and stages unlocked 

In this traffic racer mod apk you can all modes and stages unlocked you can choose any of these and begin your journey.

Traffic racer mod apk

Details of Traffic racer mod apk

App name........................................  Traffic racer mod apk

File size ........................................... 58.4 MB


Android version.............................4.0 or above

Developer......................................SK  Games 

How to download traffic racer mod apk?

For downloading and installing  the app you have to follow the following procedure..

1) click the download button given below 

2) now click on "Download file". Ones the download complete  you have to delete/uninstall the previous Traffic racer ( if you have it ).

3) Now open the downloaded file and install it, if it blocks installation from unknown source, disable that from settings.

4) After the installation is completed, you are ready to play your game.

Traffic racer mod apk


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