Ignorance: How to deal with Ignorance?

 Ignorance: How to deal with Ignorance?



What we know about Ignorance??

Only That It's defined as the state or fact of being ignorant : lack of knowledge, education, or awareness.
But can it defined in just one word?

Definition of Ignorance and it's first phrase was came in
the origin of Ignorance First recorded in 1175–1225; Middle English word from Latin word ignĊrantia.

A Pretty cool thing to know about something like this when you think about it.

A basic medium in which you can carry:- your emotion,thoughts,knowledge,faith what would happen if anyone
ignored all this, and make your trust a non-worthy thing without you being dishonest.

A damn thing to think so.. But what would this call?

A perfect piece inside you is not worthy of being watched,loved,take cared of,and Now it becomes
Ignored... What would you do?

You will shattered into pieces..And try to think, what the heck go wrong that someone is obsessed to keep ignoring you without a cause of being Ignored.

You will try, but, you never find out why?

Cause it's the way of the world to keep you ignored and not making anyone to watch it for you..

So do not try make heck of jobs that you are not so proud of,but still you think that's the right thing to do about it and, I can Guarantee it's not and It's Never will...

Ignorance may can feel you cruel about that person, cultural,soul,partner,family,teacher,or even your friends..Just remember it's not the End.

Ignorance without the cause is the most difficult probability for a person and this can do for not just a person for a Society,Cultural,Belief,Person,or another thing who have the power of awkwardness can hurt you.

Never trusting anyone,Not expecting anything from anyone,Not placing your faith or belief in anyone is the tricks to not being ignored..

Peoples please do not ignore anyone doesn't matter how prick and shitty they are, they would need your help in situations and when they does please don't ignore them, it's not a good and they might be just broke by heart..

Some tips to get Yourself out form your Ignorance Situation:-

Ignorance Situation
Problems you faced after being ignored are your own and no one can  truly fix them,It might sound not so good but it's true.

And to Deal with such Problems is not getting yourself chased by their thoughts of Ignorance.

And Not making Quick Decision or taking action after being Ignored by anything or anyone.

It's important to keep your mind calm and not try to jump on any conclusion
without getting yourself talk into that matter.

Getting Ignored??

Guys, If you're getting Ignored for something or by someone for a Date,

Meeting,Personal Reasons,Practice or even to propose to someone or any other

reason,If You are getting Ignored on regular basis that might be the time you should probably move on from your thing.

Getting Ignored

And try some more or less new stuffs which gave you freedom from you spooky thoughts, this can help you a lot, and soon you might happen to forget your pain.

And all words you hear in this phase it will sound like that you are being tortured and believe it or not it's worse than falling in love..
And Only thing that can save is not being angry at this little time.

Keep Asking yourself what you done wrong that you are being keep regularly ignored is not going to help,Not even once.So don't ask why? or How?

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