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Asphalt 8: the most favorite game of all racing lovers of all time. We all used to play it in our free time, today i am going to give you the mod apk of Asphalt 8 airborne. You will love to play it with royalty free access to all its paid features, so be with us till the last you will get here the best Asphalt 8  mod apk.

What is Asphalt 8: Airborne?

Asphalt 8 mod version

Asphalt 8 is one of the best ever racing game of all time, people love to play it, Although Game loft has released the successor of this game Asphalt 9 legends but there are still a lot more people who love to play this game.

 Asphalt 8 was developed by Game loft in year  2015.  In this game the player races around the globe with the best high speed cars of all time such as Bugatti, Lamborghini, Mc Laren, Tesla model S etc.

 It is thrill to race among them, also there are many modes in this game to play. And the best part of this game is that you can play it offline as well as online.

On choosing online mod you can race with real people from the whole world and you get your  rankings as well! . If you won the  race then you will awarded with some points and virtual coins which you can use to unlock other cars and a lot more stuff in the game.

Some tips and tricks for Asphalt 8 players-

1) The Right car, 

For winning most of your game you must own a high profile car for you races you can not win your all races with the default car of that is Dodge Dart, it is ok for starting with later on you will need a new one. You should be investing in a car with good acceleration and handling first. 

2) Competition blocking

With a very high competition it is very to win the race, for that you can apply a short trick, As the race starts you can apply brakes for a while it will not let the cars behind you to overtake you if they apply nitro, it will also get wasted and then you can hit nitro to yourself and get a perfect start. 

But don't do it for more then 1 or 2  seconds otherwise you may loose your race. 

3) Knowing game shortcuts 

There are shortcuts in every game you must know all the shortcuts of you or game to perform best in it . You have to find the best route which can take to fastest towards the finish line. You must have know all the ramp placements leaving you to shortcuts.

4) Collecting nitro 

Try to collect nitro as much as possible, it boosts your overall speed. Focus on yellow bottles more then blue ones because yellow bottles fills your nitro bar more than blue ones. If you have extra cash then try to invest it in upgrading the size of your cars nitro tank it will help you out a lot. 

5) Learn to perform tricks 

You should practice doing tricks in the game such as barrel roll, drifting through curves, flat spins, etc.  On doing these tricks you will earn nitro which will be very useful for you in the game. And try to not leave any nitro can whether it is yellow or blue, but as i mention above try to get yellow ones first.

Asphalt 8 mod version

6) Try to hit Perfect nitro 

Many of you don't know the the value of perfect nitro and also not know how to hit that. Hitting perfect nitro will accelerate your car even more and your probability to win the race increases by that of others, these are the basically small steps which makes a player professional in any game.

Now the question arises- How to hit a perfect nitro?

For hitting  a perfect nitro you need to hit your nitro boost first, a small red zone will appear in the boost bar. Hit the boost again while the boost meter is in the red zone, you will get a perfect nitro! 

And the most important thing don't drive your car at normal speed when you have you nitro tank full, use it and get more.

7) Take out the gamer inside you 

While playing a game like this , be aggressive specially in multiplayer races. Knock out other player's car before they do this to you. One good tip to knock out others car is to push them from side on a high speed they can't come out of this. 

And don't be afraid to be a offensive driver as it is only a came and you came here to win. Be aggressive! 

8) Improve your drifting skills 

You have to work on your drifting skills, a poor drift can be responsible for loosing a important race. You should be able to drift through curves very easily, drifting perfectly will help you a lot as you also earn nitro boosts on every drift it reduces your race timings as well. You must know how to drift.

9) Do not let your car to be wrecked.

Avoid wrecking your car as much as possible, its better to slow it down instead of getting it wrecked. Don't afraid to apply brakes if needed!

10) Do practice

Practice is the key for perfectionism! the more you play, the more perfect you will be. Choose the most difficult track of yours and practice till it becomes your best!. Never forgot

 "Practice makes a man perfect".

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What is Asphalt 8 mod apk?

Asphalt 8 mod apk is basically modified apkof this game. In this mod apk of asphalt 8 you  will get all the features that you can not access in its original app . In this mod apk of asphalt 8 you will get unlimited everything. You can race anywhere you want and with any car of your choice and that is also all for free!

Asphalt 8 mod version

Features and specifications of Asphalt 8  Mod Apk :-

1) All cars unlocked 

You get all the Super luxurious cars unlocked for free you need not to give your months on it to unlock those cars. You can also modify them with unlimited cash provided and enjoy your luxurious game.

2) Infinite coins 

You are given unlimited coins in the game which you can use for modifying your cars and for more related stuff.
3)  Infinite Tokens

You are also given infinite tokens to use in the game. You can purchase boosts and other related thing in this super modded game.

4)  All maps Unlocked

All the  race events are  you can play any of that free of cost and enjoy unlimited.  

And there are much more features which you can later explore in the game

So these are the best specifications of Asphalt 8  Mod apk, I hope you liked Those all. Download link is given below...

Asphalt 8 mod version

Details of Asphalt  8  mod apk -

App name........................................  Asphalt 8 mod apk

File size ...........................................Around 80 MB


Android version.............................5.0 or above

Developer......................................Game loft 

Asphalt 8 mod version

Installation procedure-

For installing  the app you have to follow the following procedure..

1) click on the download button given below 

2)  you will land on a new page, you have to wait 20 sec before the google drive link appears.

3) click on the download button it will open google drive.

4) now click on "Download file". Ones the download complete  you have to delete/uninstall the previous Asphalt 8  ( if you have it ).

5) Now open the downloaded file and install it, if it blocks installation from unknown source, disable that from settings.

6) After the installation is completed, you are ready to play your game.

Asphalt 8 mod version


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