Dr Driving Mod Apk [unlimited coins, all cars unlocked ]

Dr driving, the game loved by many of us, we all used to play it day to night, it is a awesome driving simulator game which gives the real felling of driving while playing the game. 
But the problem arises is that we can't access all the cars due to insufficient money and earning the money will lead to wastage of lot of time as well as real money if you use. 

So here i am going to give you mod version of Dr Driving stick to the post till the end to know all about Dr Driving mod apk, you will get download link of course!

Dr Driving Mod APk

Dr driving mod apk

What is Dr Driving?

Dr Driving is A driving simulator game which gives you the real driving experience of cars and other vehicles. It is a free app available in Google play store, It can be played in Four modes-

1) Online mod 

2) Vs friend mod 

3) Channel Mod 

4) Offline mod 
There are mainly nine stages In offline mod Namely -

1) Parking Mode 

In this mode the player have to drive the car across the city by following the directions given without hitting anyone or get accident, and have to park that vehicle in the green rectangular box and as instructed change the gear to 'P' by swiping the bar. When you parks it correctly you passes the
level and gets some point.

2) Broken Brake Mode  

As its name shows, in this stage the brake of your car will be broken and you have to drive the broken brake car to the instructed destination across highways and reach the destination. In this stage you have not to park your car you can to just cross a mark without getting hitted by any one. On passing the stage you will get some points and coins.

3) Truck mode 

This is my most favorite stage of this game, In this mode you are give a truck which you have to drive across the city, this is a long truck so you have to drive it very carefully otherwise you will not be able to clear this stage, on clearing this level you will also get the same , some points and coins.

4) Lane Mode

In this mode you have to drive your car on highway in instructed lanes ,on following each lane you
will get a coin and some addition in left bar given after the bar is fully filled, you will get the timer
before the timer ends you have to reach the finish point to pass this level.

5) Speed Mode 

If you like speed racing this level can be for you, In this level you have to fastly drive your car to reach the destination as per the game rules in a given amount of time, you will get a lot of traffic and turns followed by U turns in this level. 

6) Highway Mode

This is the only mode in this game where you will not get any turn but a tons of traffic waiting for you.
Keep patience and driving your car in a moderate speed to pass this level. If you are a thrill loving person you can absolutely run your car here in this level, b'cause there are no turns you have to only cross the other vehicles and enjoy till the end point comes.

7) Drift Mode 

This is also one of the most awesome levels of this game for drift lovers. In this level you have to make your car drift by applying breaks on high speed without getting hitted, you will have a drift bar on left of your screen. When this bar is completely filled you will get a timer you have to reach the destination before the timer ends, once you successfully reaches there you level will be passed with offering you some points and coins.

8) Fuel Mode 

This is the level you can hardly pass with the default car, In this level you are given a limited fuel. You have to reach the the destination before the fuel ends, if you reached before the fuel gets ended you will pass this one also.

9) VIP Escort

This is the most royal level of this game as you have to give most extra ordinary comfort to yourself. Many of you gets confused that how to pass this level, don't worry you just have to not drive your car too fast and drift. As the name suggests 'VIP Escort' you have to only drive your car just like you are a royal person. Turn your car very slowly on turns and do not be aggressive in this level. Once you follow all these tips you can easily pass this level.

Dr driving mod apk

This is basically the modified version of this game, This Mod apk of Dr driving can solve your all problems related to money, coins, cars,etc in this game. You will get them all pre unlocked, you have to only download it from below and play!

Features Of Dr Driving Mod Apk -

1) Unlimited Money/coins-

In this mod apk you will get unlimited money, Which you can spend anywhere you want in this game and enjoy as much as you want.

2) Unlimited Gold- 

You will get unlimited virtual gold in this game you can you that in the way you want.

3) All cars unlocked-

Cars are the main reason due to which we play any racing or car simulator game, in this mod you will get all the luxurious cars unlocked without paying any money or wasting your precious time. You can simply pick any of them and play.

Details of Dr driving mod apk-

App name.......................................... Dr driving mod apk

File size ...........................................Around 11.5 MB


Android version.............................5.0 or above

Developer......................................SUD Inc.

Dr driving mod apk

Installation procedure-

For installing  the app you have to follow the following procedure..

1) click the download button given below 

2) now click on "Download file". Ones the download complete  you have to delete/uninstall the previous Dr Driving Game ( if you have it ).

3) Now open the downloaded file and install it, if it blocks installation from unknown source, disable that from settings.

4) After the installation is completed, you are ready to play your game.

Dr driving mod apk


And guys if you wants  more such mods of different apps and games with their feature review and Game plays tell us in comments section below..



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