How to protect your eyes from digital eye strain?

The problem of digital eye strain is raising day by day due to excessive use of laptop, Mobile phone and other digital gadgets. The major cause of this problem can be the blue light which is emitted from the screens of all the digital device.

 In these crucial days of corona quarantine mostly all of us spend our most of time on the digital screens only, which is very dangerous for our eyes and well as mind. So lets know how to protect your screen from digital eye strain.

How to protect your eyes from digital eye strain?

How to protect our eyes from digital eye strain?


As we discussed above, Due to Covid-19 many of us are working from home. They are always in front of their PC or laptop due to which they are facing a lot more problems such as head ache, blurriness in eyes and more eye related problems this is all due to the blue light emitted from their digital screen.

According to American Occupation Safety and Health Association, the reason of eye strain can also be the wrong posture, for this your screen must be in a good eye level. It is very easy to filter blue light in smart phones but it is much difficult in Laptops or desktops.

How to cut blue light in various devices by default system apps? 

You can also cut blue light by default system apps. The procedure for different devices is given below-

i)Window 10 

  • Click on start menu
  • Go to settings
  • Go to display settings 
  • Go to night light
  • Enable it .

ii) MAC OS 

  • Click on apple logo displayed left on your mac 
  • Go to display settings 
  • You will see Night shift, click on that
  • You can set duration and color of night shift here.

iii) IOS 

  • Go to Settings 
  • Go to display and brightness 
  • Click on Night Shift 
  • You can set duration and color temperature here.

iv) Android 

  • Go to settings 
  • Click on display 
  • Click on Night mode 
  • It  can be named different in androids, In your device it can be also named as Reading mode, Night shift, Night shield, etc.
  • You can simply enable from there.
  • You can also enable it from Notifications area if it appear there.

How to protect our eyes from digital eye strain?

If you are facing any problem in enabling it you can also filter the blue light of laptop or desktop through the various free software listed below-

a) F.lux

If you are thinking for purchasing a physical screen or glasses to cut blue light, wait this software can save your money. If you not wants to tangle in any pc  settings then you can surely go through it. In this awesome software you just only have to set color in it, this automatically changes the brightness according to the day time. It uses location services for this work.

 For example if the sun is about  to set it will automatically change the screen brightness to low and turns its color to little orangish. It helps in reducing blue light and eye strain. It also includes features such as Reduce eye strain, classic f.lux, working let, far from the equator, cave painting, color difelity, etc. This software works in windows, linux, Mac as well as android. You can download it directly from their website

b) Red shift    

This is also very useful free software to cut blue light from digital screens. This software also adjusts your screen brightness and color according to the day time. It changes your screen color form normal to oranges automatically as the day passes. At night it optimizes your screen color according to the brightness of your room, this can be extremely useful to you and your eyes. 

This software is compatible with Windows, linux and Mac OS. You can download it directly from their website.

c) Irish 

This application supports cross platform. This app is designed in such a way that it automatizes your desktop brightness according to day time, as same it also helps in cutting the blue light and reduce eye strain. The good thing about this software is that it comes with tons of customization options which you can use according to your needs, you can customize color temperature, Brightness automated or manual mode, sleep mode, reading mode, programming mode, sun glass mode, dark movie mode, etc.

This is not a completely free software still you can take its free trail. This software is compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux, Android and IOS devices. You can download it directly from their website.

d) Protect your vision 
This is basically a web tool which will remind you to take break. It will by default remind you after every 20 minutes to take a break. You can also customize it with your timings which is more compatible for you. This is also a free web tool, it can be used with Google chrome, Firefox and Safari browser. It will help you a lot in cutting the blue light and reducing your eye strain. You can enable it by clicking here.

2) 20-20 RULE 

How to protect our eyes from digital eye strain?

This is the most effective rule, in this rule you have to raise your eyes every after 20 minutes of using  digital screen and focus on an object kept 20 feet away for 20 seconds. With every time you repeat this your muscles will get relaxed and you will not get any stress. You can try this now, Raise your eyes upward and focus 20 sec anywhere far from you, you will definitely feel good and relaxed. You can repeat this process every time you use your phone or work on your PC.


How to protect our eyes from digital eye strain?

Going to bed does not only relaxes your mind but it relaxes your eyes too. Getting good sleep not only helps you out in handling your eye strain, it relaxes your mind also and refreshes you out. After getting up do not just rush to your mobile or laptop, relax some time you can go out with friends or just listening to some good music of your choice and then you can use you phone or laptop.


How to protect our eyes from digital eye strain?

Poor lightning can be a major cause of eye strain, headaches, eye fatigue, and eye soreness. You have to ensure that the place you work whether it is office or home, is having a proper lightning. Good lighting conditions are very essential  when you are at your work place  to reduce visual strain.


How to protect our eyes from digital eye strain?

If you are still facing blurriness or your eyes are irritating or you suffer from headache it is better to consult a eye specialist, and get a good pair of glasses which is suitable to you rather than reading articles online. Wear them regularly while working on digital screens. The eyeglasses will definitely  filter out blue light emitted from any of your gadget. 

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