Harassment- what is harassment ? Ways to come out from harassment.

What is Harassment?

Creating trouble for anyone is not Harassment but instead of making trouble, making him/her feel like exploited is the real Harassment...

Peoples always think that Harassment means only for women not for men, which is not right cause if harassment means exploitation,then,it doesn't matter what was the victims gender..

Torturing anyone without any reason or tormenting anyone cause of their looks,success, it's the prodigy of animals not humans..


Harassment was never a ideal situation for anyone regarding their age,gender,caste,nationality,wealth,work,knowledge,personality,attitude and many more..

These are all type of harassment, without your permission or consent if anyone is making a fun of you,cracking jokes about your personality,work,wealth, and many more without you being comfortable making you feel  -- It's Called Harassment..
Being not comfortable with any person still you have to with  him/her regardless of reasons it's also called Harassment..

Well there are many types of Harassment in the world but the two specific is shown below:-

Sexual Harassment:-

                                                                   Sexual Harassment      

Making someone feel uncomfortable, by using inappropriate words or using inappropriate sign to show their physical Appearance is considered as Sexual

Sexual Harassment is generally shown in workplaces by colleagues or by your seniors including unwelcome touching, leering,
sexually oriented jokes or cartoons, sexually oriented comments and epithets, and even staring at an employee's body.
this can also be said as Hostile work environment Harassment.
Harassement in workplace

Cases of Sexual Harassment in Schools and Colleges is also seen in many countries and different regions of society.
It is also seen in families too..via families friend or even the family adulterers do these with their children and family members,
it's worse than we can imagine. By Harassed by your own family No One Wants that.

Methods to know you are sexually harassed

Making conditions of employment or advancement dependent on sexual favors, either explicitly or implicitly.
Requesting for sexual favors in workplace or in learning area.
Discussing sexual relations/stories/fantasies at work, school, or in other inappropriate places.

Don't take Sexual harassment as a Manageable Issue.
some emotions after feeling harassed both mental and physical are:-
Increased stress levels,Anger,Fear,Humiliation,Shame,Guilt,Betrayal,Violation,Powerlessness and loss of control,Headaches,Fatigue,Eating and Sleeping disturbances,Anxiety,Depression,
Panic attacks,Difficulty in concentration,Loss of motivation,Suicidal ideation and many more.

Quid Pro Quo Harassment:-

It's the Latin phrase for "Something For Something", this is understood from it's phrase that what it means in real life..
For something you have to give something, the much less confusing words would be "Give and Take".-Give something to take something..
Quid Pro Quo is generally seen in workplace for promotion,for job safety,for employment, it's also can be taken as giving sexual pleasures for their jobs
security is the Quid Pro Quo for workplaces, and it will be not wrong saying that it generally or contently happen with women and not with men..
Quid Pro Quo is no more than bribery in different regions for different purposes.

Harassment by Neighbors is considered as Quid Pro Quo and Sexual Harassment.
If Your Neighbor Is harassing you for property or for wealth and asking sexual favors for your wealth or anything like that is to be considered as Harassment.
Both Sexual And Quid Pro Quo.

Others than workplaces are for shelter,
for food (in primitive areas),
Other than these,
Some Hospitals, were also harassing peoples for their own good,
It's Seen in worldwide that Some Hospitals were overcharging the patient and the family for his/her treatment..

Quid Pro Quo Harassment is the Worldwide Situation literally happens wherever you go
This is one of the most critical situation for a human being to face.

Harassed for your Rights is not a good thing and more than that, It's a shame for the Authority
if anyone living in their region is Harassed for it's Basic Rights..

                                                                            Sexual Harassmen

To Prevent Harassment Contact your Nearby Authorities of School or Work Both as well as contact Public Administration too.
If You Know Someone is harassed or being Harrsing By Someone contact The Authorities As Soon As Possible.

If The Authorities are involved in it,then, Gather Your Neighbors,Friends,Families Anyone Who you can Trust,
Call them and ask For help.

Then Together We and You can fight with this and make the Bastards To Suffer.
Staying Together is a way to fight and protect ourselves and it's the best thing we can do.

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