How To Control Mental Health During Lock down?

How To Control Mental Health During Lock down???

 Hey Guys, things are getting very Cheesy these days and Frustrating too...

Since the government Announce the 2nd Lock down of(Covid-19) lock down it's very difficult to stay at home, with nothing much to do.  

 At this time During many peoples are loosing their minds cause of not doing any physical  activity..                                                                                                                     
 its affecting their physical health, and always streaming and playing games for man yours affecting our mental health during this period what can we do to not affect our mental health??                           

                                                            How to control mental health during lock down?

Maintaining a good body and a healthy stable mind is necessary for everyone to keeping up in life.
Well when the Lock down is over we all need to be in a good form to continue our work and it may seem that we can do it by making our      physical straight up to date, But If you are not mentally stable how can you keep up?

But Don't worry We got your needs covered, So you don't need to worry about..

We calculated some of the steps to not breaking down by novel disease Covid-19 lock down:-

Spending times with Family:-

How To Control Mental Health During Lock down?
     As we all know it's been months, we didn't go out, and by staying at home we are spending too much time on internet, like on Insta,Twitter,Snap Chat, Whats app,Facebook etc.. by doing this we are making social distancing but also making the Family distancing,

We can cover this up by not spending our's mostly time on Internet, and by utilizing it on Family. Playing games with your family members is the most precious time we can ever spend. It helps in controlling your mind by internally, keeps you productive and mentally stable.

Increasing your Knowledge:-

How To Control Mental Health During Lock down?
Developing New Skills is always good thing for everyone in every way, Creating New thinks, Thinking Of Ideas, Improving your Knowledge more and more but some times it doesn't happen much cause we didn't get the time or work issue or study issue,etc... 

And Many Peoples like to develop their skills in their free time, And Now days is the most precious and free time you will get to increase your knowledge or improve your skill in many ways. 

Many Universities and Public Institutes are making their courses free. For a Certain Time period 
How To Control Mental Health During Lock down?So you can learn in Quarantine and Seek higher knowledge every time.

There are Some links for the courses:-
Harvard University Courses  
Plural Sight Courses
Improve your skills and find your health mentally and physically Balanced..

Doing Yoga:- 

After Every Day Breakout we all need some space to maintain our souls, our inner peace, and a room to think about ...

How To Control Mental Health During Lock down?

Doing everyday your work with full Integrity their is a hole which can never be filled, doesn't matter how hard you try and do whatever possible to not make a hole, but it still makes it, and that very hole start to turn your daily life into trouble making personality.. And all this happen in when you are not so free but right now you are...,

So, Why don't we try to make it like "You Are Wrong Hole And I Can Beat You" By Finding my inner Peace and stabilizing my mind maintaining a balance with soul to mind is what we called Yoga...

Reading Books:- 

When We bored we think why don't watch a movie or listen some music to feel's a cool thing to do so but, is it really Helpful? 
I don't think so.., Every time we think of a story we imagine it in our minds, we create it, and make it more gorgeous, more amazing as it was before..
How To Control Mental Health During Lock down?

But when we watch movie we don't think about the story or any specific character we just think about the concept,drama,music and that's it movie is over..Climax is Done..

While in Reading Books you can Visualize what the narrator is trying to see in his own imagination and what Author wanted you to see in your own imagination, that's a cool thing if you think about it deeply..

Reading Books is always a pleasure to mind and it keeps you Mentally healthy..

Keep up the Good Work...

#STAY AT HOME #STAY SAFE and stay tuned ....

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