How to do proper SEO?

Do you have a blog or website and are not able to attract viewers or not getting views instead of having high content then be with us in this post, we will tell you the 

right steps which will help you a lot in Ranking your blog and you will also get to know How to do proper SEO?

                                    How to do proper SEO?

The ranking problem is faced by each and every blogger, They are creating very high quality content (if they) but instead they are unable to rank their work at a desired position and some of them quit blogging due to this. So you don't give up we will tell you the right and proper steps on How to do proper SEO?

The first thing to keep in mind while writing a post is that on whatever topic you are writing the post you should first of all research about it and also about the 

particular keyword on which you are writing this will be the first step towards the SEO. You can do it using various tools on internet such as Keyword Planner, Ahrefs 

etc. Now you will thing that what will i search there? so the answer is you have to look upon a certain things such as Search volume, bid rate /CPC, SEO difficulty and 

some of the good keyword suggetion related to your topic.

The second steps starts when you starts writing the post/article the thing you have to do is copy your desired keyword (on which the post is about) it will help you while writing.

Now you have to write a middle description for your post and make sure you repeat the copied keyword 2-3 times in middle description and also to repeat it in the post 

3-4 times and after doing this you have to make your copied keyword bold and underlined at all the positions in your post, and also paste your keyword in search 

description (search description is not auto enables in blogger to read about How to enable search description click here) , your 80% work will be done till here now you have to do what is in third step.

The third and the most important step is to create backlinks by creating backlinks you are done but you will thing what are these backlinks and how can i create them 

and how they helps in SEO or to rank a blog then don't worry I'd previously written the separate posts for them you can read those by clicking the links below.

And if you follow these steps no power in the world can stop you to rank your blog and you will sureley get profit.

List of High PR websites for Backlinks: READ HERE

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