How to control smartphone addiction?

Are you addicted of smartphones? and wants to know how to control smartphone addiction and also to get rid of it, then these apps can help you a lot in controlling your smartphone addiction, read the post till last to get the best methods.

                       How to control smartphone addiction?

There are many people around us we have addiction of smartphone, whether there is any message in there smartphone or not they have habit of checking their smartphone minute to minute
.If you also fell that yo are using your smartphone much then you can use these tools, these tools will help you a lot in controlling your addiction. S lets get started..

The first app in our list is " Mute screen time tracer" : If you are unnecessarily using your smartphone much then this app will help you a lot.
This app motivates user to use less your phone, as this app has a "screen time feature", using that you can control your time spended on your smartphone.
Does't matter whether you are at your home or office this app traces your phone every time and you can check its daily and weekly reports and also your time spended on your phone.
But this app is only for ios users.

                how to stop smartphone addiction

The second app in our list is "Moment" : Moment means " less phone more real life" , this app has aim to to make user more realistic, if you have addiction to your phone then you are harming yourself as well as your family
And this app allows to to track  the actual time in which you uses your phone,and it also have a tracking feature that do not allows to  use your phone  beyond the selected time.
except this this app forces to to limit the use of smartphone via notifications and helps you to enjoy your real life.
how to stop smartphone addiction

And the last app in our list is forest: if you also have net surfing addiction with smartphone addiction then this app can help you a lot use of this application be could be beneficial for you, this app has a awesome feature
when you install this app then a virtual plant starts to rising in your phone but when you use your phone more or surfs internet more then this plant begin to die (Isn`t it cool!).

I hope this post helped anyone reading!  

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