Features Endangered in smart phones

Who don't use smart phone in modern period of time, Smartphones have evolved a lot in the past few years. New many of technologies have added a lot of new features in a smartphone. But there are some features which are in endangered category(RIP). Read this article further to know in depth about this.

     Features Endangered in smart phones 

Table of Content

1 1. Fingerprint Sensor

2 2. Headphone Jack

3 3. Simcard Slots

4 4. MicroSD Cards

5 5. Regular Mobile Chargers

1. Fingerprint Sensor

Yes, the fingerprint sensor may be removed from smartphones. Even in the latest new iPhones, they haven’t added the fingerprint sensor. They have featured Face ID for security. Soon, in other smartphones too, the fingerprint sensor may be removed. RIP in advance.

2. Headphone Jack

Headphone Jack may also be no more in the next few years. Because the technology is growing too fast and soon we’ll survive on wireless headphones only. That day, there’ll be no use of Headphone Jacks on smartphones. Again RIP For wired headphone lovers :)

3. Simcard Slots

Some companies have already started providing e-SIM support. In the next few years, people will be using e-SIM IDs instead of physical hard copies of Sim cards.

4. MicroSD Cards

Nowadays, smartphones are capable to provide internal storages as high as 512GB or even more than it. Also, microSD cards affect the overall performance of the smartphones. So it may be soon removed completely from the smartphones.

5. Regular Mobile Chargers

The smartphones have already started wireless charging support. Also, the wireless charging technology is getting better day by day. In the next few years, we’ll be able to completely say goodbye to our traditional chargers. We’ll be provided with wireless charging technologies in every smartphone.
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So these were the 5 Features that may disappear from Smartphones soon. There are still some more features that may be removed. But these are the ones with the highest possibility. Please make sure you leave us your opinions about all of this. If you enjoyed reading this content then share this article with your friends. For more quality tech updates, please turn on the notifications.


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