Is Blogging Good for Students?

Are you a school  student? Are you interested in  Blogging and want  to  know that 'Is blogging good for school students, so you are at right place, here you will get a guide whether blogging is good for you or not. So lets start the discussion.....

              Is Blogging Good for Students?

                                                               Is blogging good for students

Before we start you should  know something about  blogging. What is Blogging and how it is done? Blogging is a type of journal for an individual where the blogger (the owner of the blog) share his/her thought to his/her readers or to public.And if we talk about Students then it varies from people to people and also  from students to students.

 Blogging requires proper update to the content with proper time management.Students should go through it but should not compromise with their  studies. so lets know about some positive and negative points about blogging for students and also know that if a student wants t start his/her blog then which one is the best platform and how to go through it.


Positive points of blogging to a student:

1. Blogging enhances the power to thing and write it also improves ones vocab which also good for his /her school days.
2. It provides an opportunity to students to make money through adsence that helps the student financially (If he/she is regular in blogging)
3. It provide teenager name and fame at too early age.
4. It gives an opportunity to the student to explore the world.

Negative Points of Blogging to a student:

1. It can cause downgrade in ones performance.
2. One can loose social intractions and social morals.
3.Change in behaviour can also be noted.
4. Students may fail in both blogging and studies, if he/she not manages it properly.

                           Is blogging good for students                                                                                   

                                 How and where to start Bogging?

If you wants to start blogging then Blogger can be a right place for you to start, You can also go through Wordpress but it requires money to set it up but it is not in Blogger ,In Blogger you`ll get  domain and hosting  at zero investment and it  provides adsence approval in free domain also! so you can start earning free of cost,it is also  best in user services .So as i thing Blogger is best for students.

                      is blogging good for students

       Points to remember while Blogging

Think about your reader:  Are you planning to inform them? Entertain them? Persuade them? Whether it is one of the above or all three, you will have to write accordingly,and be consistent in your approach, or the reader's will vain.

Be Sincere and Engaging: A blog is usually quite conversational in style, so it may help to imagine you are chatting with the reader as you write. Share your experiences and tips, particularly if you are writing about a hobby or interest.

Keep posts Short and Interesting: People tends to 'scan' blogs for words and images of interest-they may not be paying full attention.For this reason,try to keep sentences short and punchy. Include images and links to other web pages that reinforce your opinions or make the page look attractive.

Add heading to breakup the text,and keep Paragraphs short.

I hope our post on 'Is blogging good for students?' helped you a lot!

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